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The CUBE was designed for simplicity and style. It is the perfect NANO aquarium for both saltwater fish aquariums, reef tanks, planted tanks or even freshwater aquariums. Each system includes the aquarium, return pump and filter medias.


Performance in a Small Size

The CUBE was designed so you can keep more in your aquarium with less. Available from 10 through 25 gallons, the CUBE delivers an aquatic environment for novice and professional aquarium keepers.


Filtration System
The unique filtration and baffle system forces the water to travel through the filter socks and then flow into chambers adequately sized for multiple types of filtration media.

Filter Sock
Includes one 2.75” 225 Micron Filter Sock.

Adjustable Nozzle
Features an adjustable return nozzle for precise water agitation.

Filtration Media
Includes bio-balls, carbon and a filter sponge to keep your water clear and polished.

Return Pump
Includes a perfectly matched return pump for optimal water turnover.


CUBE Elevated   Optional*** Price is sold seperately 

Waterbox furniture is designed to elevate your living spaces with our first in class cabinetry and finishes. Optional for the CUBE 20 in Black, White or Oak.




CUBE 20 Gallon

Excluding Sales Tax
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