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The MARINE X™ is the perfect system for a new or seasoned aquarist. Each aquarium includes the display tank, sump, furniture grade cabinet, plumbing kit and 2 filter socks. These aquariums works great for both Freshwater and Saltwater Aquarium Systems.


More Flow, Less Maintenance.

The MARINE X™ range comes standard with dual returns and our newly designed removable weir teeth system, which allows for easy maintenance and cleaning.



Easy, PeacefulOperation

Our engineers have designed the MARINE X™ with a ready-to-assemble plumbing that provides easy installation, without any gluing required. The precision gate valve allows for micro-adjustments to keep your system running ultra-quiet. 



A Reef Ready Sump System

Thoughtfully designed for the discerning marine aquarium keeper. Our sumps boast a newly designed baffle system and incorporate 4" filter socks for optimal filtration.


Filter Socks

Optimized for ultimate water clarity and filtration. Each system includes two filter socks, appropriately sized for your aquarium. 


Skimmer/Media Reactor Chamber

Designed to include optimal space for the industry's most popular skimmers and reactors. Check our technical specifications for more detail.


RO Reservoir

Integrated ATO (Auto Top Off Reservoir) is ideal for use with electronic top off systems.


Return Pump Chamber

Constructed to accommodate the industry's most popular return pumps. Check out technical specifications for more detail.


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